Tastes Like Chicken

Depending on your diet your vagina could have many textures in discharges and different tastes. Ph balance and natural acids are found in vaginal discharge to help prevent bacteria growth and certain infections. Glands that are located in your cervix produce fluid that flows through the vagina. All women at some point have vaginal discharge, this could be especially noticeable for someone who is “down there” regularly. Lesbians are down there at some point and may experience the difference in discharges.

Diet and illness can highly effect discharge and the taste of your vagina. If you are sick or have an infection in your vaginal area discharge can be discolored and thick. If you feel that your discharge is thicker, or has a foul smell you could have a yeast infection or a bacterial growth and you should consult with your doctor. If you have more white or clear discharge this could be attributed to your diet, still consult with a doctor. But your girl may notice the taste of your vagina and the changes that it shows by what you eat. Foods with high sugar content can cause an almost sweet or tangy discharge, where foods high in carbs can cause a thicker discharge.

There are other contributing factors that affect your discharge and vaginal area check out this post, Let’s Talk About Vaginal Discharge by Tracee¬†Cornforth.

Of course, eating a lot of chicken can cause your vagina to be finger lickin’ good and taste like chicken, and as you know I am only joking.

Mz. Pink

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