Gonna have to face it…

You’re addicted. But not to love. And it’s not you, it’s your partner. It’s your friend, or brother, sister, or even your mom. What next? How do you approach the situation? How do you fix it? Can you fix it? Is you giving and giving and giving helping the person who is addicted? What can help that person, what can you do to help you, help your loved one?

Have you ever been put in this predicament? Was the outcome successful or unsuccessful? How did the process go? Did it take more than one go around? We’ve all see the television show “Intervention,” was it like that or was it more gruesome?

I have dealt with addiction with an ex. It’s like you are worlds a part from the addicted, especially when you aren’t delving in the same lifestyle choices as them. Some people just have that personality type that makes them crave something at all times. Most times you can’t, as one person, take on another’s addiction, but you can support from a distance. That is the best way to deal with it, stay far away and don’t enable that person. You have to let that person learn the hard way or it will take everything from you.

Unfortunately drugs can take lives and not everyone is lucky enough to bounce back from those cases, but knowing you loved them should help the healing process. I am always on standby waiting for those calls, I have too many people in my life doing badly. All I do is keep my fingers crossed that they get it together.



All opinions and questions welcome!

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