Pass Go, Collect $200.

Are you afraid of commitment? Or do you commit too fast? Are you always one way or another in a relationship, either it can happen (but it has to happen today) or it can’t happen EVER? Does it depend on the person you’re with in order to commit? How do you decide?

Commitment is a tricky thing, sometimes it’s even a hard word to say, let alone follow through. But if you are in a relationship ever (even short ones) you have to commit on some level. Whether it’s doing the nasty or making phone calls, that takes some level of commitment. I mean, commitment, in fact means, to show loyalty, duty or pledge to someone. So even, the simplest things can show some level of commitment.

Depending on who you are dating, this could be a great thing or this could me a bad thing. Showing someone some level of commitment can show you are a good person or show the other person that you may want more even if you don’t. Commitment is one of those borderline signs of affection or niceness that can back fire at any moment. It is always best to communicate to your partner what your intentions are. If you are just a generally nice person, you shouldn’t have to tell someone that, but you may need to. Or if you are wanting to commit then you need to share that too. Sometimes actions do not speak louder than words, and if they do, it could be screaming the wrong message.

As always, honesty and communication are best, who knows maybe your partner doesn’t want to commit and level up in the relationship but the signs that you are giving off are telling her you do. Do both of you a favor and talk about these things. This is your “Get Out of Jail Free Card.”

Mz. Pink

All opinions and questions welcome!

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