My sweet Pinkies:

I have been doing a lot of writing lately and I was thinking that an advisory would be appropriate for this type of blog. advisoryThis blog is opinion-based (unless noted otherwise) and should only be taken as opinion. I take what I have done in my life or what has happened to those close to me and I use my journalistic flare and voila I get my posts for Pink In The Sheets. These posts are associated with my monthly column, but are not the views of those who work for The Word or freelance or any other type of association with the newspaper.

As always, I write what I feel and I encourage you to do the same. I try to approach each post with ethical integrity as well as fun, upbeat ideas to show that lesbian lifestyle is more complex than just two girls in love (great movie by the way). If you feel that something isn’t right or you feel strongly about something that I have posted, I definitely want to know those opinions. I won’t change what I think and feel, but I will take note and use your opinions for future posts.

I am only human and sometimes I get so excited about what I am writing about that I misspell words. I hate it, and I try to fix it but sometimes it takes a day or two (or longer) to see the mistake. I apologize in advance for misspellings but they will get fixed eventually.

I knew you, the readers, would understand. Keep reading and remember: thoughts, opinions and everything else is encouraged in my blog.


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  1. It’s a GREAT movie! This is very well said 🙂 I think that often when I put up a review of something or give my opinions, and whether I’ve offended someone. Great Blog.

All opinions and questions welcome!

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