I’m Mz. Pink, former blogger, writer, and columnist for The Word. I cater to the lesbians and those identifying as queer. I recognizePink In The Sheets them as a strong part of the community and world. This blog is a project on its own, but does run in correlation with my monthly column: PinkInTheSheets that was published in The Word. My email and blog are always open. I am also interested in posting about lesbian happenings, up-and-coming lesbians/lesbian groups, and those who are queer-friendly. My fan base and following are growing, so you will have a top-notch audience if you contribute to PinkInTheSheets.

Feel free to email me at pinkinthesheets at gmail dot com



  1. mz. pink,

    thanks for the kind words about lesbianlush.com:)
    we are so glad to hear you found it amongst all the porn.
    maybe one day the word lesbian will not be synonymous with porn on the web. a girl can dream right!?

    we heart your site too!!!

  2. Hello,

    I run the blog lesbiandating.net where I post all kinds of information related to lesbian dating and relationships. For the past few months, I’ve been collecting various resources on lesbian dating etiquette and I’ve just posted my list of the Top 25 articles about first dates that I encourage my readers to visit. Pink in the Sheets is included, since I always find your articles to be very informative and useful. You can check out the full list at http://www.lesbiandating.net/blog/2011/25-lesbian-first-date-articles/ and please don’t forget to tell your readers about it 😉


  3. Looks to me like you need some incentive to get back to blogging, not that I can offer anything but words of encouragement. 🙂 Guess I’ll scoot over to The Word and see what it’s all about.

  4. Mz Pink,
    I have a wealth of information
    to offer up. I’m lesbian who came out
    in the 80’s but haven’t been in a relationship
    since ’90’. I’m the real deal as a gay woman.
    It’s so hard like a never ending climb up Mt.
    I am a true testimony of the strength of the human spirit.

    1. Thank you for all of your comments and insight! I am always looking for issues and ideas to write about and it sounds like you can help in that area. Thank you for stopping by and have a Happy New Year!

      Mz. Pink

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