2016, The Year of The Vampire.

And I’m not talking, those pretty sparkling beings from “Twilight.” Oh no, I’m talking the vampires who want to suck the life out of you. Those who want what you have and always need, need, need. Even though they see you working hard for yourself and your family, they still feel entitled to a piece of your success. TwilightCharacters1

Why? Why do these people feel it’s okay to ask for money, for a babysitter, for food, for help? Why is it we can struggle to survive and live paycheck to paycheck and you can still ask for things?

Just because our struggle looks easier doesn’t mean we don’t . Just because we have our bills paid and food on the table doesn’t mean we didn’t sacrifice to get it there. I believe there are different levels of struggle, but from one working class person to the next, I would never ask for something I know was worked hard for. I just couldn’t.

Please give me the Cullens’ any day of the week, I’d much rather look at them than the people who are trying to make me bitter for the new year. No thanks. I just want to be happy and succeed in my own way and continue to provide for my family no matter how much hard work it takes.

How will you avoid the vampires this year and stay positive?

All opinions and questions welcome!

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