The In’s and Out’s to getting in and out.

A part of lesbian sex, is penetration, of course, it is not the same penetration and straight sex, but it does happen. Whether you use toys,

Always wash your hands.

 or fingers, penetration is a part of that. The penetration could be done anally or vaginaly. And an important thing to remember is to keep your hands clean, washing your hands before you and your girl do the deed is very important. Also, making sure you wash your hands afterwords is a good idea. Not only can dirty hands transfer bacteria, it can cause some nasty diseases. It can all be prevented though, as long as you wash your hands. Another important thing to remember is to always wash and sanitize your hands after anal penetration and before vaginal penetration. It is not a good idea, use the same toy or fingers you used with anal play for vaginal play, this can cause serious damage due to fecal transference. Not a big turn on huh?! Well keep the hands clean!

Another helpful tool for penetration is lube. There are many reasons that lube could be necessary. Lube can help penetration be more enjoyable. It can help with toys and toy play. Lube can be used with natural lubricant or if you’re having an “off” day and aren’t as wet as you normally are. Don’t fret if this happens, it’s nothing wrong with you or your partner’s performance, it just sometimes happens. There are many types of lubes that you can use that are specifically for women, which can make them better for you on a health level. Lube can be fun and slippery for you and your partner, so don’t disregard it as something you don’t need or will never use. Check out this article about lubes for women entitled: “Safer sex; Lube, lube, lube… which one do I choose?” By Megan Andelloux. Andelloux goes into detail about the different types of lubes and the pro’s and con’s of each. She discusses oil-based lubes, water-based lubes, and other details about what could work best for you!

Have fun Pinkies!

Mz. Pink

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