Lesbianism is sooo mainstream

The other day I was chatting with the wifey about interesting topics to write about, and we were just talking about everything, and the topic of lesbianism in the mainstream came up. We were talking about Lindsay Lohan and her short-lived affair with her lesbian fling. We were curious to find out if she was with any other women or if Samantha was the only one, or what made her decide to get with a chic. She did receive a lot of publicity for it, and if only for a moment the spotlight was taken off of her drug use. Well this topic of Lindsay and Samantha made me wonder, why is lesbianism so cool? And why do some women experiment just to be titled cool, awesome, or sexually adventurous?

What I have noticed most is, the girls who want to experiment usually pick a true-to-life lesbian to have their fling with and then end up breaking their heart. I have written about this many times, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when straight girls convert for a short time to the other side only to decide they only like men, or when lesbian girls date a straight girl thinking they can change them. It bothers me that lesbianism is so cool, I mean don’t get me wrong I am a lesbian and I am cool, but doing it for the wrong reasons and not for the love of another woman is just crazy!

So, what are your thoughts on lesbianism in the mainstream? Angelina Jolie did it, do we have that much of a problem with it just because it is Angelina and not Lindsay Lohan or vice versa? Why is it so cool to get it on with chics if you’re a straight girl?

Mz. Pink

1 Comment

  1. Ugh I hate it.
    Too many people are influenced by
    the spotlight.
    Give me a freakin break…
    People are so numb and lame.
    At least Lindsay Lohan acted like she was really into
    Sam Ronson at least thats how it seemed.
    Who really knows whats what behind the camera?!
    However I’m so very over Staight girls pretending bi.
    Be who you like as you will.
    But do it for you!

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