Looking but not touching.

We have all been out somewhere and seen someone (other than our partners) and thought they were cute, right? Even if we have taken a double take, does that mean that we should express to our significant others that we saw a cute girl and we did a double take? Is it a lie, or cheating if we don’t tell our partners that we thought someone was cute? Even if that person was only easy on the eyes, and nothing would ever come from it?

I believe that we are only human and yes, there will be other good-looking people but that does not need to be shared. I also believe in TMI (too much information). I believe when it gets to a point when your parnter tells you every time they would get it on with someone else because they are HOT, that that is crossing a line. I mean come on, who wants to hear about all the girls your girl would have sex with? Yes, seeing is one thing but wanting to touch and be touched by someone else is a no go. But like I wrote before, we are only human and will be attracted to other people upon sight but there is no need to tell your partner just to make them jealous and crazy and start a fight. Keep those thoughts to yourself, unless it will make or break your relationship. If you are out looking for cuties, then that could be a sign that you need to be single and move on. However, if you’re happy in your relationship and would never want to hurt your girl, then do your double take and move on.

What do you think about checking out other people when you’re in a relationship? What if that person in a movie star or TV star is it okay then to let your partner know that you think that person is hot?

Mz. Pink

1 Comment

  1. I think honesty is honesty.
    So if someone were to be honest enough to share
    something personal along these lines.
    I would feel more reason to trust them versus
    My partner saying “I dont look at other people,I’m happy with you” Well why that is good to hear..
    Let’s be honest everyone looks at other people.
    And it isn’t always a reflection of their happiness.
    People can be perfectly happy in a commited relationship.
    And still look at other people.

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