How serious are you?

If your partner found out she was sick would you stick by her? Would you have her back through the rough times of her sickness? What if she was incurable? Would you move on or stay to help?

Turning into a caregiver can be difficult, life-changing and most times unwanted. Being with your partner and caring for them can sometimes end in unhealthy results for you. Sometimes the stress of caring for a spouse can hurt you, the relationship and ultimately your partner.

Divorce or break-ups play a large role in relationships when someone falls ill. Illness is never wanted, but it does happen and things could change at the toss of a dime. It is just reality. Look at all the “accidents” that happen daily that effect so many people. Some of those people were somebody’s partner and as they were once healthy, self-sufficient adults, they are now handicapped and only able to rely on someone else for care. That is hard on both people in a relationship.

Would you stay or go? How long would you tough it out in order to take care of your partner? What if their family was unsupportive? Share your thoughts and stories on becoming a caregiver or being the one in need of a caregiver.


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  1. It is reality. A sad one, yes. I wish I could answer this honestly. Where I know I can and do like being the caregiver short term. I’m not sure if I could do so in a permanent situation. I guess, it would depend on the level of our relationship and how handicapped do they feel themselves to be. Mentally. Is she gunna be grouchy 24/7? Expect or appreciate what I’m doing for her as her caregiver? Those things come into play when being a lover’s caregiver. I don’t think it’s quite so cut and dry of a question.

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