It ain’t my fault

Is it ever the other persons fault if someone decides to cheat in a relationship? Could you tell your partner, “It’s your fault that I cheated on you?” and it be 100% the truth?

I’m not sure blaming someone else for your actions is the right answer. I actually think it’s a cop-out and makes you a jerk. Nobody can be responsible for your actions except you. Now whether your partner is giving it up or providing for you effectively is one thing, but you still can’t blame them for your actions. You can only blame yourself for staying in an unsatisfying relationship for so long that you decide to cheat. Again, it’s not okay to blame someone else for your actions and choices, even if they treat you like crap!

Have you ever been in this situation? Have you ever blamed your partner for you cheating? I think maybe we all have, especially if we’ve made bad decisions in our relationships. The thing to do is, move on. Change your way of thinking and know that not everything can be pushed off on others.


All opinions and questions welcome!

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