“2 a.m. Satusfaction” by Inspired Enigma

As she tossed in her sheets, she became tangled in her loosely fitting shirt and frustrated from the abnormal warmth of her room – she quickly slid out of it and tossed it to the floor……

She rolled over to her right and read 1:45 a.m. on her digital clock. She deeply exhaled. This was the fourth night in a row she had woken up unassisted at exactly this time….. She didn’t need to wonder why – this was 15 minutes prior to when her girlfriend would typically creep into her bed after working a late shift. They had been fighting recently – and the visits had stopped……

She smiled at the memory of the covers gently lifting and kisses strategically placed down the sides of her body as she pretended to still be sleeping…….

As she laid there reminiscing, she noticed a familiar yearning emerge between her thighs. She slowly parted her legs to examine what she already knew was there – a swollen clit on top of increasing moisture……

She typically didn’t choose masturbation, but she thought “may as well try. I need this.” She squirmed until she was able to get comfortable and started at the top – her breasts that is. She twisted and pulled her nipples into hard mounds and felt the desire between her legs increase. She reached for her silver bullet – personal massage and started in on herself. After a couple minutes of buzzing, she could no longer resist, she abandoned the bullet to her nightstand and she slowly slid two fingers between the lips and began a gentle massage of her own………

She was surprised how quickly she had gotten into it, and was even more caught off guard when soft and gentle moans began to escape her lips. As she increased her speed and started thrusting up towards her fingers – she gave herself exactly what she needed. A sudden rush had overcome her and she allowed herself to cum hard, fast and unexpectedly.

She had worn herself out. She turned her head to re-examine the clock and read 1:53 a.m. She immediately thought, “damn, I’m good.” Unable to resist allowing herself to drift back into sleep – she rolled over and passed out……..

She felt like she had been asleep for years when she suddenly felt an unbelievable rush of energy through her body. She moaned loudly and grabbed the sheets only to realize she was in the middle of an all too powerful orgasm. As she came down from her sexual high, she saw her girlfriend smiling from between her legs………..

She looked over to the clock, 2:16 a.m.

Just like clockwork, her girlfriend had arrived and provided her with 2 a.m. satisfaction. Her girlfriend slid up and laid next to her. She kissed her forehead and said, “You were sleeping so peacefully, and I couldn’t resist myself. The way your body started moving during your first orgasm, I swore you were awake……………”

As her girlfriend wiggled to cuddle and get comfortable beside her, she laid there in total confusion. Her large t-shirt was still tangled around her body and the bullet was no longer on the nightstand – she looked into it’s hiding place and there it was, unmoved………

It suddenly dawned on her. She hadn’t masturbated at all – she had been dreaming through her first orgasm – only to awake during her second. All the pleasure burning inside of her that had suddenly been released was all the happening of her girlfriend’s 2 a.m. delivery of satisfaction.

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