The Flashlites, are here and they’re queer-friendly.

Introducing and all female, queer-friendly comedy group called The Flashlites. The Flashlites are based out of Los Angeles, but are making their way virally with a new jam they call “Fake Meat” which is a parody of sorts that deal with vegetarianism. The song has a funky beat and is pretty awesome graphically, even if it is a comical video. The Flashlites consider themselves a multi-media comedy group because they also run their own production company, Flashlite Productions.

The video, “Fake Meat,” was written by queer member, Sarah King and the video was edited by queer member Kate Lane, who also composed the beats along with local queer musician/DJ Jared Lorenzo. King and Lane, along with group member, Kimberly McVicar, produced and directed the video.

King and Lane have also written and directed a few queer short films together and the women are currently in the process of raising money for their first feature film written by King which is in pre-production.
Look for “Fake Meat” on their upcoming musical comedy album, “All This is Mine and NOT Ours”, which will soon be available on iTunes and check out their website.
The Flashlites are:
Scout Durwood, Amy Hessler, Sarah King, Kate Lane, Kim McVicar




Check out the video “Fake Meat” here!

All opinions and questions welcome!

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