Trans or Not?

My girlfriend is a Facebook stalker, she loves the drama. She will spend hours searching for drama, read all of it, add the people just so she can keep up. I swear Facebook is like a virtual high school and it just sucks people in. I have fell victim to it a couple of times, but I try not to air my dirty laundry on the internet (here doesn’t count). Well, recently she has been checking out a lot of the gay girl profiles and befriending these chicks only to find out they claim transgender, but are having babies with men and living a “straight” girl life. WTF?!

Is this even allowed? I mean I know that us as a gay/lesbian community support most other gay/lesbian issues and people. I do, I love being a lesbian and part of such a colorful and diverse community, but come on, isn’t there a line that us as a people can draw and say, “hey you can’t do that.” It’s frustrating that people will get beaten and ridiculed for living a life that they know and feel is the way they were supposed to be, and then some little teeny bopper can claim that same lifestyle just for the attention, but in return just be a regular straight girl.

I might get a lot of negative feedback from this, but it ticks me off that people can do this and think it’s okay. It is NOT okay. Be gay, be straight, just be who you are. If you think you’re trans then explore that, but do it the right way not by lying. Don’t claim the life on Facebook just to be someone totally different in real life. It’s misleading and toys with people’s emotions. What if someone started to care for the trans you and after opening up to you realized that you were in face, not trans and were lying about it the whole time? Yeah, not fair and that makes you an a**hole!

So, get it together ladies, be who you are and don’t be crazy.



  1. I find it silly that so many younger gay women treat being trans as a fad…whatever happened to just being a woman who loves women? I have noticed this trend in the age group of 15-25 I’m late 20’s myself and I lean more toward stud/butch/masc I don’t dress like a woman from my underwear to my colonge.My way of thinking does identify more so with the opposite sex.But I don’t consider my self a man or feel I would be more comfortable to be a man.I am very comfortable in myself and feel strongly for those who aren’t such as the trans community..which is why I am so offended by the behavior of some who use this as a attention seeking behavior..I love your blog!
    Please keep up the great work!

      1. As much as I love Family Guy I hate to use it as a reference in this case, but it works. There was an episode where Meg claims to be a lesbian, becuase of the attention it gets her. Finally her mother, challenges her do more then just (quickly) kiss her girlfriend and meg just can’t bring herself to do it. Its like that, when you’re claiming you’re something – yet you never can seem to date someone of the same sex, etc. It’s just for the attention.

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