Like a Virgin.

Not only a great song, but the topic for this post…your first time. Do you remember your first lesbian experience? How old were you? Where did you do it at? Did you regret it? How has it set the tempo for the rest of your sex life?

I remember my first time having sex with a girl, she was a punker girl and she was older. The funny thing was, she has a boyfriend. However, I had a major crush on her. I was her best friend, at least that is what she told me. She would bitch about her boyfriend and I would listen, ensuring her that she could do better for her and her daughter. I thought I was the better option at the time. I was in high school and ready to explore. Well I went to her house one night and her boyfriend was there, and she started to kiss me in front of him. This guy did not like me and did not like the idea of us being together, but I guess he was just male enough to go through with a threesome of sorts. So, we commenced. We tried to show him some attention, well she did at least, but she wasn’t into him being there and I wasn’t for sure, he sure as hell wasn’t going to touch me! So he got mad and left, well we finished. And that was it. I didn’t regret it, but I was pissed when I did finally hear from her, that she was trying to not make her boyfriend mad and even though she loved me she loved him too.

Oh-well, things happen. I don’t regret our friendship or our first time together, but I do keep in mind when a girl is bisexual or straight just wanting a lesbian fling. It made me cautious, because at that time I knew I wanted to be with girls. I was just starting to come to grips with it, but I knew after that, that these feelings I had weren’t just things girls feel for their friends.

I mean, I had done things with my best friends when I was a kid, like play house or pretend to be the guys from New Kids on the Block and we would kiss and hump and touch, but I never thought anything of it then. After I had sex with a girl, then it put everything into perspective. I knew that all of those times with my best friends before, us making out and playing truth or dare just to kiss wasn’t just what all girls did, it was what lesbian girls did. Maybe everyone already knew before I did, maybe not. Only a few have said things to me now about me being with girls, but actually nobody acted too surprised.

So, how was your first time? Do you still talk to her?



  1. I’m married but in love with a woman. My first time with a woman was with my current girlfriend. She was very experienced and very gentle. She took her time and it was incredible. I’ve never made love like I do with her. I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want her. We can spend a whole day in bed together and it’s never enough. Maybe it’s because we are unable to spend the time we want together that makes the time we have so precious, but my desire for her is insatiable.

  2. I was 17 and had a make out session with my best friend, the night I lost my virginity to my boyfriend… It was awesome… My first full sexual encounter with a woman was at 21… and I have never looked back.

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