Gonna have to face it, you’re addicted…

Have you ever been with someone who has had an addiction, when you in fact did not do any drugs? I have and it was the most excruciating relationship I have ever been in. She was abusive, threatening and intimidating. I hated her for everything she did and I feel that even if she didn’t do drugs she would not have been a good person. That is a whole lot to get into, but the point of the matter, is if you have ever been with someone who was addicted to something and how it turned out.

How did you deal with the addiction? Did you feel like you could change her? Did you try drugs yourself to fit in? Did you leave? How did you leave? Did your partner ever get help or own up to her addiction?My ex would always promise to get help, then she would be gone for two weeks. I never really believed anything she said anyway because as it turns out she was addicted to things before she met me so she just became worse and worse.

On that note, I am going to post a video by Sia, she is one of ours ladies and she is awesome and this song is amazing…no really I am super excited to share it! Sia is the girl who her girl lost to cocaine!


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  1. Wow! This .story combined with the song had an impact on me that I didn’t expect. It took me down memory lane to a place that I hadn’t visited in quite awhile. Probably due to the fact that I haven’t even faced all that happened during that time. Anyway, I was with a girl that had multiple addictions but, i didn’t know how bad they were until I was already head over heels for her. As a result, I became an enabler and started to self- destruct in the same way she was. I felt that by using along with her that I could somehow control the situation better meaning, that if she used the last of her money on drugs/ alcohol my sharing her supply would limit her use. Well, of course that helped no one and I had to learn the hard way that when someone goes down the road of drug use, no one and nothing matters except for the drugs. I stopped using and finally ended the relationship but, it took me four years of extreme ups and downs to do so. My thinking and judgement was just totally warped during those times and I kept believing that the girl I fell in love with would come back…

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