Let’s clear the air.

Prince the artist/singer was quoted saying he liked arguments. Is he serious? He must be crazy. Is what I’m thinking there is nothing worse than a damn argument. Arguments make me feel weak and at my wit’s end. I feel like even though I have valid things to say that I never win an argument. I hate confrontation anyway, but when I get so mad that I just can’t communicate anymore then there is an issue.

Is it something that just always happens in relationships? Does it happen more for one type of person than it does for others? Does the arguing ever end in relationships?

I know when my wife and I argue that it seems like the end of the world, until we calm down and think rationally, then as it turns out, the argument was nothing at all. Just a dumb argument that wasted 15 minutes of our lives. Until our next one. Most times the arguments are just communication errors, or again, insecurities on one or both our parts.

Should people be together if they argue a lot? How do you decide what a lot is? Have you ever been with anyone that you enjoyed arguing with? What would happen during the fight? What would happen after? Do you believe in apologizing after an argument or should you just leave well enough alone?


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  1. In argument #1, the AFA article criticized the low marriage rate. But in order for Social Security to be an issue, lesbian and gay Americans would have to remain single altogether rather than becoming heterosexual. The Religious Right’s vision of millions of lesbians and gay Americans converting to heterosexuality and marrying members of the opposite sex would have to be written off entirely in order to produce any economic benefit based on denying same-sex couples the right to marry.And any such benefit would be small-scale anyway. If 4% of the U.S. population identifies as lesbian or gay and half of lesbians and gay men get married, then that’s only a 2% increase in the national marriage rate. That won’t make or break Social Security.

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