Liar Liar Panties on Fire…

I can’t stand a liar. I can’t stand to be called a liar. I hate mistrust. Why are women so distrusting at times? Why is it you can be sittingpanty at home and your girlfriend automatically thinks you were out sexing everyone and their moms? Why do lesbians accuse their partners so often of cheating? I know the old saying goes, if they are accusing you then they are cheating, but I think there is more to it than that. I don’t think my girlfriend is cheating, but she likes to say that I am. I am not sure why. I’ve never given her any reason to think that. Could it be that all women have a level of insecurity no matter how butch they are?

When does the mistrust calm down or go away? I am not a teenager anymore so cheating and screwing around isn’t really an option. I have come to terms with my adulthood and my responsibilities and I am happy in my relationship. So, why does my partner think crazy things? I don’t go out, I don’t sneak on the phone. Yes I Facebook and Twitter, but it is all open. Almost every lesbian that I have ever met, has been this way or had this level of crazy inside them.  And if they don’t I wonder what is wrong with them. This type of thinking is not normal? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t it be when another lesbian is crazy, then that is wrong?

It still doesn’t answer the questions on why lesbians are so insecure? Or why they can accuse their partners of cheating when everything is calm and good. There is nothing worse than being accused, especially when the accusations are wrong or done out of fear. Tell me about your experiences with crazy lesbians, whether you are with them now or not. I have a strong feeling that most of you have dealt with this type of behavior. How did you deal with it or how do you deal with it?



  1. My ex and I constantly accused each other of cheating. Mostly, I think, because we were both friends with opposites. I am dominantly friends with butches and she was with femmes. There were already so many snags in our relationship..insecurities just got worse.
    Eventually, I realized that I wasn’t happy being accused and feeling like I was crazy. So, I left. I know it probably sounds so heartless for me to say that my life and sanity are better. But, it’s the truth. There’s got to be something else going on.
    I was unhappy being a housewife, and gaining so much weight. So unhappy being the housewife that it didn’t matter that I hit the gym two times a day every week. I was unhappy. Thus a jealous, crazy lesbian!!! Hated that I ever became that person!!! I typically tell my lovers to go ahead and cheat. I know where the door is 😉

  2. House-wifery isn’t for everyone 🙂 neither is being a crazy lesbian! It’s always good to come to that realization sooner rather than later, it helps with successful (or more successful) relationships when we decide to have them. Thank you for commenting!

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