Oh boy, it’s a girl.

I love a stud, a soft stud. That’s what I’m into. My girl is a stud, she wears men’s clothes, cologne, hats and carries a pocket knife. But she is still somewhat girly. She doesn’t want to be a boy she just likes the style and fit of the clothes better. She is rough because that is how she was raised, but she has girly moments. She will probably kill me when she reads this, but she does have her feminine moments. I won’t get into what those “moments” are, but just know that if you saw her on the streets you would probably think, “damn that chick looks mean.”

The point I’m trying to make…what type of girl do you like and why? I like a stud because I want to feel taken care of. I like that she will use tools to fix stuff, whereas I would just whine about needing to fix something. I only fix stuff if I have to and I don’t have to if I have a stud. Of course, we balance each other out and I have my masculine moments, but she is what melts my butter. I like stud swag.

If you are a femme would you date another femme? Why or why not? I would wax another femme, but I would not be in a relationship with another femme. I don’t want to feel like the manlier one. If you are a stud, do you consider yourself a soft stud or a hard stud? Would you date another stud?


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  1. I wouldn’t date another femme. I like the stud swag too. I want to be taken care of. I’m actually more of a girly girl SINCE I got with my woman. She makes me want to be that way and I like knowing someone is going to be there to fix things and pamper me. She makes me feel like I deserve that…and that is HER softer side.

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