The gift that keeps on giving.

What is your dream gift for this holiday season? What do you wish your girlfriend would get for you? Is it a realistic gift or something that only a millionaire would be able to get? What if you tell your girlfriend what you want and she gets you something totally different? How do you handle bad gifts? Is there just certain things out there you wouldn’t want as a gift?

Sometimes partners don’t listen, don’t pay attention to, or forget what we want. So, how can welesbo make it a Christmas everyone would enjoy? My wife second guesses herself when she is picking out a gift for me and then tells me. I like surprises and I am an open book when it comes to things I like. Besides that I tell her all the time that I want things, just to give her ideas on what she can get me. Honestly, I would love anything she got me, but she thinks that I wouldn’t so therefore, make her indecisive and aggravates the hell out of me.

Me, on the other hand, I get what I think she will like and hope for the best. I do listen to her and try to store those wants through the year into my memory bank for Christmas ideas. I love to give her stuff so it is fun for me. We just have different outlooks on the holidays. How different are you and your partner when it comes to gift giving?


All opinions and questions welcome!

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