And baby, talk dirty to me!

I not only love that song, being total 80’s buff, but I really like the sexy pillow talk. I don’t like baby talk or things like that, but I do like to hear that I’m doing what I do well, great even. Actually I prefer to be told that I am the best and there is no other like me :). I, of course, like to do the talking as it seems I usually always have something to say that makes my lady feel good. I have no idea where this gift came from, but I have it and I use it as much as I can.

Do you talk dirty to your partnerĀ in the bedroom or have you? If not, why? Are you too shy? Are you too scared? Do you not know what to say? I can offer up some advice, don’t say anything if you’re not feeling it. If you and your girl are in the middle of doing your business and you are really into and she is touching you in all the right places, then tell her. You actually don’t have to say anything other than, “Oh I like that” or “You feel good” or even, “I like it when you touch me there.” Simple right?

If you two are going at it and you aren’t feeling it, don’t say anything. It will feel strained and sound fake. The good news: pretty much anything can be said in the bedroom, there is not limits or restraints to words or phrases that can be used during sex, so explore what you can say and say it! Express yourself! Don’t hold back it does add to the intensity of making love.

Have fun pinkies!


All opinions and questions welcome!

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