Hurt My Cunt.

I know, strange title. What’s even more strange is that there have been many searches that deal with this topic. So apparently readers want to know how to hurt a cunt, what hurts cunts, why someone would want to hurt a cunt, or how to deal with a hurt cunt. There is such a stigmata with the word cunt, but the more I say it the more I like it. Cunt, cunt, cunt…try it you might like saying it too, even though most people think it’s an awful word.

The definition of the word cunt is a woman’s genitals or a vulgar term for a woman. So let’s explore the reasons that people are searching for “hurting a cunt.”

  1. How to hurt a cunt: there are many ways to hurt a cunt, no lube, too many fingers, biting, trying to shove large items in there with no assistance, punching, rough play, STD’s, yeast infections, birth, and things of that nature. You get the picture.
  2. Why would someone want to hurt a cunt: meanness, rape, fetishes, sex, exploration or just plain curiosity. I.E., “will this cucumber hurt my cunt if you shove it in there?” Come on ladies, we are not salad grinders. HA!
  3. What hurts cunts: see number 1.
  4. How to deal with a hurt cunt: don’t do things that hurt it, go to the doctor, take care of your cunt, wash your cunt, and most importantly love your cunt.

So for those of you who were interested in reading about cunts I hope this helps you out a little bit. And don’t fret some people like hurting cunts and some like to have their cunts hurt, just make sure you take care of yourself while doing it and after so  you can continue to get your cunt hurt or hurt cunts.


All opinions and questions welcome!

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