I saw mommy kissing Mrs. Claus

I made a Christmas CD to listen to while I clean and cook. There is nothing I love more than getting into the spirit of the holiday. And since we have a budding family it is that much more special. Whether you have a family of your own or not, I hope that you are getting into the spirit of Christmas or the holidays if you don’t celebrate Christmas.

How do you get into the spirit of the season without getting too stressed out? Are you buying gifts this year or making them? I have decided to make almost all of my gifts and hopefully they turn out. I haven’t always been a crafty person, but I have been trying my hand at it recently, and I like it. Now whether the crafts are noteworthy or not, I can’t decide yet, but I like doing it. So what will you be doing for the holidays? Visiting family? Going out? Staying in?

What is your favorite thing to do during the season? We have had a very mild fall and winter so no snow yet, how is the weather where you are? Does it make a difference if you get snow or not?




All opinions and questions welcome!

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