Zip it to 90210ooooh.

Recently I have become obsessed with Tori Spelling, hence the title. Well since we all know her from her work on 90210, I thought the title was appropriate. I love her, the work she does, her budding family, her gays, and just everything about her. I feel like we would be friends if we knew each other. Anyhoo, a while ago she wrote a letter to her 21-year-old self and it got me thinking. What would you say in a letter to your 21-year-old self? How would you judge yourself then, now? What is one thing you would do differently? How would you change it if you could? Would you go back to 21 if you could?

Here would  my letter:

OMG, sometimes I can’t believe you are where you are today. I can’t believe we made it through the rain. I can’t believe you’re a mom! Of course, you are not where you want to be just yet but you are light years away from where you were. I am so proud you have a degree even if it took many tries and many years to get it. I am glad that you are so focused on your family and that you were able to wait to have children with someone you really trust and love. You are still so young and have so many mistakes to make, but you have a good head on your shoulders anyway and you will see your way out of the dark…eventually. Your courage has grown, but that will be an ongoing process. Never stop working on who you are and what you want for you and your family. Things will come to you even if it takes a little bit longer to get.




All opinions and questions welcome!

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