What’s Up Jive Turkey?

The rustle and bustle of the holidays is approaching us, and sometimes it can be hard to slow down from all the planning to remember what we are really thankful for. I don’t mean the normal things we are thankful for, but really dig deep down and give thanks. Everyone, mostly, is thankful for family, kids, love etc. But what are you really thankful for? Is there anything other than the norm that you are just so overjoyed to have that you want to give thanks?

For example, maybe you are thankful for chocolate, or chocolate covered lesbians. You could possibly be thankful for your girlfriend or the many one-night stands you have had in the past year. Do you see where I am going with this?

This is the place to share and not feel bad. You see I already know that people, especially my readers, are good peeps and are thankful for the things they have, but I also know you guys and gals have another side of things you are thankful for.

Here is something I am thankful for: my gays, they are so fabulous and wonderful and they always make me feel good!

All opinions and questions welcome!

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