Does goodbye mean anything, really?

What is it with all the breaking up and then getting back together, just to break up again and get right back together? Seems like a vicious cycle to me, not something I want to be a part of. It’s on Facebook, single, in a relationship, single, complicated UGH. It’s exhausting, really and it does kind of tick me off. I guess if you are going to be in a relationship like that then keep it private until it’s really final.

I’m not sure if the breaking and making up makes me more mad,or reading about it on Facebook. Either way it just seems that some people give too many chances and others take advantage. Why can’t people in the messed up relationships see that things are messed up like everyone on the outside? And what makes people give fifth and sixth chances? I can understand second chances, but ten chances…that is a bit much. And then sharing with everyone makes it even worse.


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  1. Maybe someone can help me with my lesbian … relationship… or lack there of…

    Apparently asking the woman you love to marry you means jack, apparently giving the woman of your dreams your life and everything she wants and desires – only gets you treated like youre pathetic.

    I love her endlessly, but seriously, do I deserve this?

    1. Of course you don’t deserve that type of treatment, but it’s going to take you realizing you don’t deserve it before you can make any decisions. I can tell you, your friends even your family can tell you all day long, but until you are ready to move on you will just deal with it, unhappily, but deal nonetheless.

      Good luck,

      Mz. Pink

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