Gay Parenting at its Most Inspirational.

I was contacted by a c colleague of Derek Nicoletto…have you heard of him? If you haven’t, then maybe you should look into it, he seems to be very inspirational. The root of his inspiration is his child! And any GLBT parent knows how mind-blowing that is. Although he is not a lesbian, he is still a part of our community and I love my gays and fellow parents.

Derek is a musician and that is the point of this post to share a little about his journey. He actually goes a little into detail about his ventures in fatherhood and music in an article he wrote for The Huffington Post: Being a Single Gay Dad.

He has been compared to The Killers and David Bowie and there are tons of rants and raves about his hooks and imagery on his album “Kind Ghosts.” He seems to be on the right track and knows right where he wants to go with his music. He seems to have the drive and vision to succeed and since he has been through the ringer in his life, now that he has his child it seems that everything else is falling into place.

Here is a link to his song Champion:

All opinions and questions welcome!

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