Licki Ucroj’s Debut, Check Her Out!

Licki Ucroj’s debut mixtape release, The Carpet Mixtapes, willpremiertheatre-style as she performs her live hip-hop narrative, How to Do Thangz with Wordz, followed by discussion and live performance from Company Z’s Jack of Co.Z and Zoë Chaos on Saturday, Aug. 25, 2012, 9p.m. at the Little Modern Theatre in Los Angeles.

Licki Ucroj is a live manifestation of words. Over popular hip-hop beats presented with the attitude of Nicki Minaj, without the pressure of corporate media, Licki articulates disparitiesthat hercreator,Lauren Neal, sumsuppointedly.

“I’m an actor. I’m the child of a white mother and a black father. I don’t have a lot of money. I’m female. I’m queer.”

Licki will performher musical slate while examining and depicting Lauren’svices, hang-ups, inspirations and deepest thoughts.

“Licki Ucroj is ridiculous, naïve, vulgar, and hopelessly sincere; all thingsI am, and all thingsI often loathe being”, says Neal.

Neal, a Brown University graduate, captures the cross-sectionsofher own life and breathes them into Licki, with satisfying allure, rage, and rhyme in a mannerthat captivates the audience.

In May 2010, Neal created the hip-hop alter-ego to settle a constant struggle to produce wordsin her Theatre Arts & Performance Studies course, “Acting Outside the Box: Considering Race, Class, Gender, and Sexual Orientation in Performance” at Brown.

The “How to Do Thangz with Wordz” performance will conclude with a discussion with LickiUcroj/Lauren Neal. After the discussion, Neal’s rap mentor, Jack of Co.Z, will perform along side fellow lyricist Zoë Chaos. Jack of Co.Z, an aspiring audio engineer, mixed the Carpet Mixtapes in its entirety, which will feature a three-disc set of six songs.

This will be Licki Ucroj’s second appearance in Los Angeles, who debuted with a performance earlier this summer at the 2012 Hollywood Fringe Festivalas a partner of the LA Female Playwrights’ Initiative.

Tickets are available with a pay-what-you-can donation through Brown Paper Tickets

For more information on Licki Ucroj visit, or follow her on Twitter at

The official “How to Do Thangz with Wordz”event can be joined at

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