A new spin on sister wives, lesbian sister wives.

Lesbian threesomes, do they exist? Have you ever had a threesome? What about dating two girls at once, who were aware and okay with the situation? What about a three-way relationship, how does that work? To me it seems like a lot of work and someone is bound to get the shaft, so to speak. How does it work?

In my opinion it would seem that having two girlfriends would just suck the energy out of me. It is hard enough giving my mind, body and soul to one woman let alone two. That is so much attention to give. Don’t get me wrong, having a threesome sounds like a good time, even though it would never happen in my relationship, as I am too jealous, but it still “sounds” nice, but a three-way relationships sounds awful! Tell me if I am wrong.

Tell me the horror stories of a three-way relationship or a threesome, or tell me the awesome tales of having two girlfriends. I want to know how it is working out for you. If you’re not in a three-way relationship, and just in a regular relationship, would you ever consider adding a third to it? How about having a threesome?

Share your thoughts!


  1. Ummmmm I think threesomes CAN work but unless there’s open communication, they crash and burn. I was in one and it was not as awesome as I hoped it’d be. As far as a three way relationship, I agree it sounds exhausting and terrifying. Bitches be crazy. Haha.

  2. My girlfriend and I added another woman to our relationship 2 years ago and we have been doing fine. We have a committed three way lesbian relationship but will bring other women occasionally into our bedroom with the consent of everyone. As long as everything is out in the open there aren’t any problems. Sexually, threesomes are the norm for us, rather than the exception. There’s truly nothing more fulfilling and intense than being with both of my partners at the same time. Imagine being with someone you love so deeply and multiply that by two!

All opinions and questions welcome!

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