dOCUMENTA (13) is an international exhibition, which takes place every five years for 100 days in Kassel (Germany), and runs til September 16, 2012. The last version of documenta drew over 750,000 visitors from all over the world, and similar attendance is expected for 2012.

This number of visitors will put the emphasis on one important lesbian project proposed by Zanele Muholi a South African photographer, which features close-up pictures of women. It’s about the difficult condition of being lesbian in South Africa.

These photos are raw and beautiful! I know my readers will enjoy the beauty of these photos as much as I do. The message is even greater. These images will be displayed as a way to express LGBT rights. Not only is there a good cause for these photos, but they are remarkable to look at. I don’t know the struggles for lesbian women in South African, but these photos are amazing and if it can bring light to a dim situation then that is a wonderful thing.

Art relates to so many people in many different ways, and these photographs will speak to you!


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