You need a big walk-in closet for all that…

As stated from my last update, Hitchedyke gave me an idea, have you ever dated someone who was still in the closet? As much as I am into my lesbianism and being with my woman, I find it hard to grasp that people would be scared to come out or to embrace their sexuality, but I guess there are a lot of people out there who can’t come out!  That is scary to think that an individual can’t be who they are because of others not accepting them or people placing judgement.

Since there are people out there who are closeted , have you ever dated one? Or have you been friends with one, or have you been the one in the closet? Why? How was it? What was the outcome? Did it cause endless fights about the love you have for each other? Did you think that she didn’t love you because she didn’t tell her family?

Tell me your thoughts!


  1. Still in the closet. But I am willing to come out, however I believe that it would be eaiser if I was dating someone before I came out to back up what I am saying. Most people i know dont truly believe you are a lesbian unless you can back it up. So I am just waiting for someone to want me back.

  2. I’m still in the closet because of my job. The Church doesn’t take too kindly to the gays…especially not when they are teachers. Catholic schools, as institutions, as a general rule, are controlled by old people with money…you have to sign a contract with a lifestyle clause stating that you won’t contradict the tenets of the Catholic Church.

    I love teaching at this school…I have mentored many students and made an impact on many young Christian lives…many of whom were struggling with their sexuality. I have never come out to any of them, but I’m offering them a glimpse into a life where their sexuality is not a judgement or punishment from God, but a blessing.

    Jesus welcomed and accepted everyone – He wanted to bring peace, love, and salvation to everybody. He said, “Love God; and love your neighbor as yourself.” I’m just trying to remind my students that living a Christian life is not the same thing as following a set of religious rules.

    My girlfriend and I have conversations about my closeted-ness, but she knew the deal when we starting dating…she has kept my secret, our secret, but it has cost us…it is a sacrifice that we are making.

All opinions and questions welcome!

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