Hello Pinkies,

This is an interesting topic and I will go more in depth in another post, but I wanted to share. Have you ever been in this type of relationship? What happened? How did you feel about it?

Tell me your thoughts!
Mz. Pink

Dating as a Lesbian and a Mother

I just saw a draft post on my blog, instead of posting it i changed it a bit to talk about the root of it which is when you find your self dating a closeted person when you yourself aren’t so closeted

Bit of a background, im not entirely closeted nor am i entirely open about my sexuality, i have never confessed and opened up to someone about it nor have i ever lied about my sexuality, i dont give the impression im straight.

In regards to my family, well im about 90% sure my mother knows but chooses not to talk about it whether it being denial or her trying to give me time to talk about it. But then there’s that 10% chance she doesnt which will basically prove her ignorance. The same goes to my extended family, they are probably too ignorant to piece it together. As…

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All opinions and questions welcome!

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