Hot Femme Writing in NYC…is HOT! she is well versed and her blog is simple yet full of information. I love finding the lesbian gems and this my pinkies, is awesome!

Mz. Pink

Hot Femme in the City

Pride month is halfway over and I thought I’d take this opportunity to write about one of the things I love most about being gay.

I love the acceptance of the queer community of all kinds of looks. Straight woman have a very strict standard of beauty they have to adhere too. They can either be hot like Britney Spears hot or like Megan Fox hot. Society, parents and boyfriends constantly scream at them to be thinner, younger, whiter, blonder. This is what I call being “conventionally attractive.”

I’m not saying that lesbians don’t suffer from that kind of pressure or that we are perfect. But the truth is, we have a much more diverse standard of beauty than mainstream society. Conventional beauty is great, but unconventional beauty needs to be appreciated too, and in our community it is. No matter what your  look is I promise you are going…

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  1. L.A. is a ‘live and let live’ town, and the queer community is sooo accepting. No one judges me for being a lesbian, or for being in porn, or for anything really. Back in Jersey it was a veeerry different story, I can assure you.

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