Dildos need love too.

Okay, not just dildos, but all sex toys should be cared for properly to avoid causing any bacterial infection for you or your partner. I am a big advocate for washing your hands and proper hygiene, and keeping your sex toys in good clean status is very important. My motto: keep your sex life dirty but your self and toys clean!

Here are some tips I found to help us keep our toys clean and up to par:

  1. Clean all dildos thoroughly, rubber ones tend to get more bacteria attracted to it.
  2. Use soap, and make sure you clean in all of the crevices and cracks.
  3. Proper storage is important, don’t just leave it out for the animals to sniff at or for random people to find it and mess with them!
  4. Don’t share your toys, use with one partner not multiple, and that is coming from me gals, don’t be crazy and nasty, new girl new toys!

Here are a couple sites that are dedicated to caring for toys:

Adam & Eve

D. Vice Magazine



All opinions and questions welcome!

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