Possible New TV Pilot, Very Interesting: 110 Landaff

The story is told from the point of view of Mary Jo Parker, a girl growing up in the late 70’s, a time when being a gay child was unheard of. As a child slowly becoming aware that she was different in an already different family Mary Jo, the fifth child of 7, had two brothers with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy.  The family was defined and shaped by the way they created joy in times when a smile was hard to sustain.

What makes this show different and relevant is that while there are now many gay and lesbian characters portrayed on TV, we have yet to see a show where the key character is going through a process of this discovery at a young age. Furthermore, while people with disabilities are more and more evident and reflected in network television, the intimate point of view of a child facing the chronic illness of two brothers is unique. As anyone who has grown up with Illness in the family knows, the far-reaching effects on the character of each and every member of the family is enough to occupy many a therapist’s couch ( and many an episode!.) But the real selling point of this show is the humorous way in which this family interacts with each other. The treatment of the characters are shown neither as saints or sinners. Mary Jo’s parents Dot and Joe Parker tackle their world with the irreverence and fierce love of Roseanne and Dan Connor while the spirited and honest point of view of Mary Jo evokes the Wonder Years and Malcolm in the Middle.

Jane Baker, writer/creator

P.S. Make a pledge to help fund this pilot: http://mobcaster.com/project/110-landaff


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