The Modern Day Ebony and Ivory.

Okay so lesbian relationships are already stigmatized in our society so why not add insult to injury and have an interracial relationship as well. I believe they are fairly common in our community, but still looked at as “out of the box” so to speak. But are other lesbians looking at it like that or just our straight counter-parts?

Do you believe in interracial dating as a lesbian? Have you ever been with someone outside your race? How did it work out? What did people say to you? What were people’s reaction?

Not that being with someone of another race is wrong or should be looked at like that, but I know that people judge…ALL people judge at some point about something, I just want to know if maybe a friend said something to you about being with a black girl or if your mom asked questions about you being with a Mexican girl or if your cousin thought you shouldn’t be with that Italian girl. Do you see where I am going with this?

What was your reaction? Was being with someone of a different race a culture shock? Were things really different from your past relationships?

Share your experiences.


All opinions and questions welcome!

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