Tap, Tap, Tap

Excuse me, may I have your attention? Good.

The fundraising for my film Closeted has been progressing a little slower than I had hoped but that’s not going to deter me. Have you pledged your $2 yet? No? Whats holding you back? www.indiegogo.com/Closeted

I’m moving forward with production and I really need everybody to support and help complete this film and get it in front of audiences. Please share the links with everyone, I need to get my message out there. www.indiegogo.com/Closeted www.closetedfilm.com

For a $50 pledge at www.indiegogo.com/Closeted you get tons of Karma, a hug, a Thank You! on the website, a Twitter/Facebook shout-out, early access to the teaser, and a DVD of the finished film. Plus you’ll be entered in a drawing to get  special thanks in the credits and on IMDB.com.

Thanks to everyone who has already pledged, shared, mentioned, etc. It means a great deal to me.

James Henderson:

My name is JamesHenderson, and I’m a filmmaker. I’ve made two short films and have been involved with several others. I want to tell you about my latest project. “Closeted”is a feature documentary film that will explore the experience, lifestyle andburden that most LGBT people live through for at least part of their lives. Livinga lie, and hiding their true selves from everyone they know, often includingthemselves. President Obama’s recent support for legalizing gay marriage only illustratesthe difficulties and social pressures that these people deal with.

I have started afundraising campaign through IndieGoGo, www.indiegogo.com/Closeted, and I would likeyou to help me share my plea, no, my passion, with your audience on Pink in the Sheets.

This story deserves the best effort I can give it,that means I need a professional crew to do it justice. Professional peopleneed to be paid. In addition to paying crew, the money I am trying to gatherwill help to cover a variety of things. I need some gear to complete the film,a camera, lenses, lighting and audio. I hope to travel with the film crew toBrazil to tell an important part of the story. There are so many little thingsthat need to be paid for; insurance, permits, transportation, craft services,advertising, film festival submissions, etc.

I think this film willresonate with your audience because it’s a hot topic and fits your demographic, I would love to make myselfavailable for an interview, write a guest blog post etc.

I want to be completely honest with you. I’m aslightly fat, straight, white guy. I know; why is this guy doing a documentaryabout the closeted experience? I’m a storyteller. I am friends with the mainsubject of the film and I want to document his interesting and difficult lifefor his family, friends and community as well as educate others about thatexperience. I don’t want his experiences to be lost to time. This isn’t aboutme, it’s about capturing the story; and expressing, communicating, andeducating people about the social pressures people suffer with; just trying tofit in, or do what is “right” by their faith or community.

We have already begun productionby filming a key interview on April 20th with Claudio Bello, who isthe main subject of the film. Bill Allred, from X96’s “Radio From Hell,” (KXRK96.3 FM, SLC UT) conducted the interview and has thankfully agreed to continue workingwith us on the project.

For this fundraising campaign to be successful, Ineed help spreading the word and convincing as many people as possible to makea difference. Even if they only donate $1, it helps, it really does. This storyis worth being told.


All opinions and questions welcome!

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