Straight or Queer…

I have had a few people ask me if relationships with women are easier than a relationship with a man. My answer to that is NO! I think if you put the time in to a relationship, any relationship, then it is going to have its hard times. Relationships are hard no matter who you decide to be in one with. Of course, I don’t judge you for being with a man or a woman, you love who you love, but it is never a good idea to be with one or the other just because you think it might be easier.

For example, you are a straight girl who is having issues with your man or men that you have been dating and want to take a walk on the more colorful side (i.e. women). You get with the women to then discover that it is just as hard. Then you go back to men. To me, that is unacceptable and I do not like the women who do that. Again, love who you love and be with who you want to, but do not lead people on just to make things easier on yourself. You can’t use people for your own selfish reason because someone always winds up getting hurt.

Let me tell you, being with a woman can be the most enjoyable and satisfying relationship, all rainbows and slumber parties, but they can also be vicious. No joke, woman can be just as mean and aggressive as men and they won’t hold back because you are a woman too.

What are your thoughts on the women who jump back and forth from a man to a woman for their own selfish reasons?

All opinions and questions welcome!

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