The Miserable Redhead, Blog Must Read!

I always find it surprising when people reach out to me to check out their blog and to give them advice on how to reach out to the LGBT community. But when they do, I try to do what I can to help. I mean I am a struggling writer so I know the real deal. All I ever want is to be read and make an impact somwhere with someone. So here is my nod to fellow lesbian and writer Jeannine Cristina (awesome name by the way).

Her blog is full of personal insights, ramblings, complaints and revelations of her life. Her words are descriptive and enthralling. Her story is interesting! She has been through many trials and tribulations and seems to take them in stride. She shares her thoughts on each matter she writes about. Check her out at The Miserable Redhead.

Here is a clip of one of her posts titled Mom:

Saturday, May 12, 2012


It was a warm summer day somewhere in the United States.  My sisters were little so that means I was probably little too.  No brothers yet; they came later.  We were near water. I’m thinking it was a river.  The “beach” was rocky but my bare feet didn’t hurt.  I don’t remember any other people in the picture…just our family.  Maybe there was a car in the background but I’m not sure.  It was sunny though.  Somewhere.   I guess it really doesn’t matter where we were because the important thing is that we were together as a family and that is a rare memory.   I wouldn’t have even remembered this specific day if I didn’t sit down with my laptop to write about Mother’s Day, racking my brain to come up with a childhood memory of her, a good, solid childhood memory of her.  And so this sweet spot in the sun alongside a river dredged up to the surface.

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  1. Mz. Pink, you are amazing and a really good person. Thank you for posting this intro to my blog! It’s heartwarming to know that a person can reach out to another person in this day of anonymity and severe competition and actually get a personal response. This is what I have always loved about our lesbian community. I will always appreciate your act of kindness. Thank you, thank you. Take care and keep writing. Hugs, The Miserable Redhead 🙂

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