Is it worth it?

Is it worth it to hide your emotions in order to keep yourself from getting hurt? A young lady wrote in to me and asked me this very question. She was worried that she would push her girlfriend away who she loved very much all because she was too scared to get close. She said once she felt herself letting go that she would close up and push everyone away.

What do you think about trust and trusting people? Should you push people away because you have been hurt in the past? Should all of your future friends and relationships suffer because of your past? How do you move on from being hurt?

We have all been hurt by someone somewhere and although it sounds easier to just close yourself off from being hurt again, it is not healthy. Of course, proceed with caution in any relationship endeavor, but make sure that you open up at some point or you will end up alone and in a bind all because you feel that hurt from the past.

As hard as it is, you have to try to move on at some point. You can’t hold everyone accountable for one person hurting you. And if you keep getting hurt by everybody then you need a friend and relationship makeover. That means find new friends and lovers. People who really care about you will not hurt you EVER!




Gotye: Somebody That I Used to Know


All opinions and questions welcome!

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