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Hello Pinkies, here is a blog post from our friend and fellow lesbian over at, check her out!

Being a Britishlesbian you obviously want to go to British clubs and be all British with otherBritish lesbians. Some places are amazing for this. Like London, Manchester, orBrighton. A massive diverse-rainbow-coloured-happy-cherry-popping people.

I live and go outvery often almost-every-night in Manchester. This is one amazing city. Canal Streetis the place to be showing off all the best clubs, drinks, talent and ladies thatyou could possibly need for an evening.

The G.A.Y, modelled on the club in the capital is a massiveplace. It comprises of two main floors and then a middle seating bit with acool hanging-out-smoking-get-chatted-up patio thing outside too. It plays popmainly but the large screens on the wall actually play the videos to the musicthat’s on. This might not seem like a big deal but in my world videos shouldmatch songs. How are you meant to dance to Beyonce single ladies if you can’tsee them doing it on the screen?

The drinks are very cheap in this place and with an amazingatmosphere you can’t go wrong. It’s very easy to have one too many and end updancing around to steps waving a polish flag in the air, trying on the docmartins of a sixty year old butch and asking the bouncer why she doesn’t smilemuch.

You can just be yourself in Manchester. Vanilla is anotherplace you have to go to. It’s the main lesbian bar on the street. If you go ona Saturday night, with three Djsthroughout the night, the music is fabulous and you’ll find yourself holdinghands with strangers and singing along (looking totally cool while you do it). Drinkprices again are very cheap. I manageto get through quite a lot of double-vodkalemonades and at just three pound each I don’t have to scrape together thesticky change from my bag to do it. And Jaegerbombs are cheap too at three fora fiver. And the same goes for tequila. And apple sourz. So what I’m saying is;after this weekend I blame the very cheap drinks and the gorgeous staff as towhy I have a two-day killer hangover and I’ve been hiding from my boss allmorning in the stationary cupboard.

Now Vanilla isthe place to go if you’re in a couple. So many couples in one place. So manyholding-hands-snogging-face-gazing-into-each-others-eyes couples at the bar.And the ones getting a bit more frisky sitting in the back. It was kind of niceto see so many. Kind of reminds me that I may not actually die alone surroundedby cats and talking to my reflection.

New York-New Yorkis another place you have to go to. It’s total madness in there. Packed full ofthe most energetic-booty-shaking people who will drag you to join in. The musicis so random and you’ll be amazed at the ammount of sheer gayness in one place.It’s where you can go and feel comfortable no matter who you’re with.  Coyotes, on a Saturday night has their xplicitnights where ‘what happens in Coyotes, stays in Coyotes,’ and it really does.

Wherever you goon Canal Street you’re bound to have a good night. There are so many friendlybars I doubt you’d be able to fit them all into one night. All the more reasonto come to Manchester for a week and have a glitter fueled amazing holiday.

Mz. Pink


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