I Got 99 Problems, but a Straight Bitch Ain’t One.

It is interesting to see what people are searching on the back-end of writing. I care what my readers want to read and I actually watch the trends and what is popular ETC. to keep up with pleasing my readers! Here is one thing I can’t keep up with. Lesbian sex with a man! This ladies does not exist. If you are having sex with a man you are not lesbian. I don’t care if you have been a lesbian all your life and now you are curious about sex with a man, you are no longer a lesbian you are bisexual or straight.

Don’t get me wrong if you want sex with a man, go for it. I am not a man-hating lesbian, go for what you want, but don’t say you are lesbian and you want to have sex with a man. Actually, if you want to get it on with a man and still have relations with a woman, just do it and don’t label yourself. Just be real with yourself and others. I am all for people doing what they want as long as they are happy, just don’t lie to yourself. If you are curious about sex with a man, then you are not fully lesbian and that is okay, just don’t attempt to carry on the lesbian name if you are not that.

So in a nutshell, if you want to have sex with everyone, just be what you are. Don’t claim a lifestyle, that people actually live by just because. It’s not fair to those who are dedicated to their partners and this culture.

All opinions and questions welcome!

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