Country Fried Fetishes, Sounds Yummy.

Are fetishes healthy? The reason I ask is because people all around me are talking fetishes. I can see that some are understandable, but others are just plain strange. Not that they aren’t sexy to those who have them, but are even the ones that are weird to me, healthy? Do you think someone who has a pain or blood fetish is healthy or can have a healthy sex life with someone who is not in to the same things? How can two opposite people become compatible sexually? How can those two people compromise?

What about people who have fetishes and are only able to become sexually aroused with them? Or are only able to become sexually satisfied with them? How do you work through that if you are not satisfied within your relationship?

I believe that fetishes are healthy even the “weird” ones, because they convey an interest and help you determine who you are and what you want sexually. Also, if you have a fetish and a partner who does not it will force you to communicate with your partner on what you really want from them and that is super sexy!


All opinions and questions welcome!

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