Yo Mama!

Have you ever dated a woman with children? Were the children she had from a relationship with a man or a woman? Does it make a difference whether she was with men or women in her past? How do you deal with creating a relationship with a woman who has children? How do you build a relationship with the children?

There are so many issues that arise when you date a woman with children, especially if she was with a man previously. Not only do you have to worry about her going back to a man, but you have to deal with him as a presence in their children’s’ lives. That could be something that is hard to deal with. If she had children with another woman then you still have to deal with that other parent and the jealousy issue that are connected with their past (and present and future).

How would you cope? Would you continue with the relationship or move on?

I believe there are ways to build a relationship with a woman who has children, but it takes extra care and patience to do so. If you are up for the challenge and believe the woman has something for you long-term then I say go for it. Take heed though, the woman is a mother before she is a girlfriend or a lover. If she does put you first then there are other problems that you need to pay close attention to, but if you are willing to be second to her children for the sake of a relationship then do it, and take those extra steps to make it work.

M.I.L.F’s do exists and although they are a packaged deal it can be a very satisfying package, if you know how to go about making it work.




All opinions and questions welcome!

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