I like the way you smack my ass!

How do you make your girlfriend feel sexy? Is it something you do because you believe she deserves to always feel sexy or for other reasons (like to get some)? I think that making your partner feel sexy should be a daily thing. I mean, you’re with her for a reason, there is something there that attracts you to her so let her know about it.

Here are some things you can do that will make your girl feel sexy:

  • Tell her how beautiful and hot she is.
  • Kiss her passionately.
  • Hold hands for not reason.
  • Cuddle when you watch television.
  • Have sexual encounters somewhere random.
  • Text sexy things to her.
  • Take charge and do something nice for her.
  • Rub her.
  • Do romantic things for her at any given time.

There are a ton of ways to make your girl feel sexy, you just have to do it.


  1. I do all of those things but sometimes it seems like I don’t say any of that to her. Kinda like she’s not really that interested in me anymore, what should I do? I don’t wanna lose her, she is my life and i couldnt live with myself if i lost her. Any advice?

    1. If I were you and I felt the way you do, just keep doing it. Keep telling her how amazing she is. If it gets to the point where you are trying and trying and getting no where then have a chat with her. IF things still don’t change, don’t put yourself through the ringer you deserve someone who appreciates you just as much as you appreciate her. Don’t ever think other wise! Good luck.

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