Me, Me Look at Me!

Where do you draw the line for not getting attention from your significant other? Do you expect constant attention or can you survive with minimal attention, knowing that your girl loves you? How do you plan spending time together if you both work, go to school or have other obligations? Do you blame your girlfriend if she is exhausted from working or do you support her in what she does and how she takes care of you in other ways?

I know sex is important in relationships, but if you work, go to school and have a full, demanding schedule do you still expect your girl to “take care” of you nightly? Do you make her stay up even if she is tired? How do you deal with less time spent together?

I suggest giving your girl the benefit of the doubt, especially if you love her and appreciate all that she does. If you know she loves you and you know that she is working her butt off, time with you will come and it will be more special. I believe that certain times call for certain measures and if your girl is busy with reaching goals and she isn’t a bitch to you and still keeps up her end of the relationship then you shouldn’t be mad.

However, if she starts to neglect you and starts treating you badly then you can complain about the time you two spend together. Just remember, what you are going through now, will pay off in the end, just be supportive just like you would expect her to be!

All opinions and questions welcome!

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