The Joy of Sexting

Have we all fell victim to sexting? Is is different when you’re an adult versus a teenager? We know that you shouldn’t do it as a teenager, but is it something that is okay to do when your older?

Have you done it? Did you think about the consequences afterward? Are there less or more consequences as you get older? Actually, I can somewhat (kind of) relate  to wanting to send a sexy text message, and I have, but is there a line to draw even if you are with someone?

I think that yes there is an age limit to sexting, you definitely shouldn’t do it if you are under the age of 18, but once you have the full reign of your actions and your body, and you have a significant other than do it. Actually you can do it tastefully. You don’t have to have full vagina shots every text message, but you can send a sexy “I’m thinking of you” text.

Tell me your best or worst sexting stories…


  1. I love sexting! I don’t have a story…but I will say to only sext with someone you trust 100% and if you don’t mind having it out there for anyone to see if it gets into the hand of the wrong person. So vag shots, probably a negative. Bikini shots are fun because people will see you at the beach anyway!

  2. Me: Hey baby.
    Her: Hey babe.
    Me: I’m feeling kind of horny right now.
    Her: Really? Funny, me too.
    Me: Wanna fool around?
    Her: Ooh, I’m getting excited.
    Me: I want to fuck you.
    Her: Ooh, tell me what we’d do.
    Me: Well, we’re at a tanning salon. And I meet you in the waiting room. We start talking, and you realize I’m looking at you tits. So you say, “What are you thinking?” I say, “I’m thinking we should share a room.”
    Her: Hmmmm tell me more.
    Me: We ask for the same room and tell them that they can send other girls into the same room.
    Her: To watch?
    Me: To join.
    Her: Oooohhh
    Me: So we get into the room, and we are both in towels. Nothing underneath. There’s a white bench attached to the wall and lots of space unfilled around the room. I ask you what you’re looking for. You say “Some fun.” I tell you to get on the floor, so you lie down. I crawl on top of you, towel still on, and lick your lips. Then I take my tounge and slide it slowly down your chest until I’ve reached the tip of your towel. I bite the towel and tear it off of your chest. I take your nipple in my mouth and lick it all over. Then the other one. You lean over and start kissing my neck. Kissing lower and lower until you’ve reached the tip of the towel. I rip off my towel and yours completely. I squat where your crotch is and fall on top of you. You thurst up and up. You want more?
    Her: Don’t stop! Ooh, baby I want you so bad. I want to fuck you so bad.
    Me: I flip you over and put my vagina where your crack is. Then another girl comes in. She immediately rips off her towel and tackles me on the floor. You sit up and watch as she licks my boobs and gives me a blow. Then with her two fingers, she slides them into my vagina and thrusts in and out repeatedly, making me groan.
    Her: Oooh, baby bring me in! I want to fuck!
    Me: I pick you up and push you against the wall, boobs to boobs, vaginas to vaginas. Another girl comes in and immediately licks the first girl’s pussy. I kiss your breasts and then slowly lick each part of you as I slide down to the floor, until I reach your crotch. Then the shove my tounge into your vagina and thrust it in and out. I stand back up and you curl your legs amy waist and hump me. Three other girls have entered the room and started groaning and moaning as they all recieve and give blow jobs, hump each other, and lick. I put my towel back on.
    Her: No don’t stop! OOOOHhhh, Babe.
    Me: Meet me at my apartment and it won’t.

All opinions and questions welcome!

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