My Best Friend’s Girlfriend…

No I’m not talking about the song by The Cars, I am talking about really liking or even loving your best friends girlfriend. Can this really happen? Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever liked your best friend’s love interest? How would you deal with something like that? Would you act on it or would it be a “bros before hoes” situation :).

If this has happened did you forgive your best friend? Did you still try to work it out with the girl? Did you dump the girl completely and still remain friends with your BFF?

What if the girl was just in to games and was trying to break your friendship up?  How would you deal with losing your girl and your best friend due to mind games? Share your stories…

1 Comment

  1. I wouldn’t go after the girls my homies like, one it’s not cool, two we don’t really have the same tastes in females. And if I did somehow end up liking one of their girls, I wouldn’t act on it, because you can’t help who you like but you can control how you act. But I will say one of my friends tried to do that crap to me when we were in high school, and I didn’t speak to her again until we were about 28.

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