Stay-At-Home Snatch :)

Since economy is so bad and people are loosing their jobs, would you rather be the worker or the stay-at-home girl? Sometimes it is inevitable if you lose your job or if your hours are cut or if your pay has been cut. But if you have a partner who is working, do you just let them take over and be the bread-winner? Or do you try to contribute financially? What if you can’t find another job, do you turn your attention to the house work? How do you find a happy medium with the transition from working to not working?

Since being in a relationship is a partnership would you just go into homemaker mode or would you wait for your partner to say something? If your partner did say something would it piss you off? How do you have the “help” conversation?

I would guess that being unemployed or underemployed would be a touchy subject so asking or requesting help from that person could lead to some heated arguments. So how do you approach the matter? How do you tell your partner you need help because your exhausted?

Share your thoughts or experiences!

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  1. I go to college during the week, but I work on Saturdays but it’s not enough to help her financially and I’ve had jobs to help her but got laid off bc of me starting college. There isn’t many places that would work round my class hours so idk what to do. Help?

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