Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Yes, believe it or not there are boring lesbians out there. Just because they are into chicks does not mean they are interesting. As with the straight world of dating, there are the lumps of boredom that come and go in our lives.  And like with any dating scenario, if the other person is super lame, the date sucks. How do you deal with the dead-beat dates? How do you end the date? What if the boring girl calls you and wants to go out again? How do you let her down?

This is kind of funny subject only because sometimes the women can be semi-interesting during the date and get your attention, and then afterwards they turn out to be real dull. By then your stuck, probably moved in already and everything. (Okay maybe not, but lesbians like to move fast).

Or another case could be the girl is interesting but the sex is boring. OUCH! What do you do then? How do you tell the girl her sex is lame?

Share your responses and help others out there who are suffering!