This One’s a Real Nail Biter.

Stress is a major part of a woman’s life, but having someone to back

This sweet little kitten is biting her nails, in regards to the title 🙂

 you up is a great stress reliever. Think about it, when you are going through a crisis, would you rather your partner panic too or would you rather her be calm and rational? Someone has to think “straight” right?!

Everyone deals with stress differently but still having someone there to tell you things will get better and to just let it go if you can’t control it is a tremendous help. Besides that, it makes it that much more of a team effort when your girl is stressed and you can do the same for her.

Do you have a partner like that? Does she help you through the stressful times and comfort you when you need it? Is she overly comforting and you sometimes wish she would back off or does she give just enough to make everything all right?

P.S. The picture in this post is adorable, however, biting your nails and Googling for a picture was not. There is some nasty photos out there of people biting nails. I just wanted to share the fuzzy side of nail biting. 🙂

All opinions and questions welcome!

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